Hall Family Session

Here are some photos from Jake and Joyce’s recent family photo session. As you can see they have a new addition to their family, Owen, who is 10 days old in these photos. I photographed their wedding 2 and a half years ago–check it out here–and a couple years before that I photographed Joyce’s sister Jackie’s wedding–you can see that one here. Needless to say I almost feel like part of the family! It’s always nice to be able to document former wedding clients’ growing family, and it’s especially an honor to do that for this wonderful family.

hall fam-1

hall fam-2

hall fam-3

hall fam-4

hall fam-5

hall fam-6

hall fam-7

hall fam-8

hall fam-9

hall fam-10

hall fam-11

hall fam-12

hall fam-13

hall fam-14

hall fam-15

hall fam-16

hall fam-17

hall fam-18

hall fam-19

hall fam-20

hall fam-21

hall fam-22

hall fam-23

hall fam-24

hall fam-25

hall fam-26

hall fam-27

hall fam-28

hall fam-29

hall fam-30

hall fam-31

hall fam-32

hall fam-33

hall fam-34


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